About Us...

In 2013, Josefina Sánchez Aguilera and her husband Joel de Bruine, aware of the need for support for survivors of sexual abuse in our society, created a non-profit entity as a resource space against sexual abuse called CRISÁLIDA, in Guadalajara, province of Spain.

"In Spain, 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 7 boys will be sexually abused before the age of 18." (Unicef)

What we are not aware of is that 60% of abuses take place within the family, 35% by people from the environment close to the child. And only 5% for strangers.

Josefina is a Social Worker and Family Advisor. She is also a survivor of sexual abuse, a tireless fighter to support those who deal with the consequences of abuse day after day.  Joel is a Family Counselor and Director of Psychodrama. He is a traveling companion who has lived very closely the healing process of Josefina.

Having moved to Oviedo (Asturias) in 2015, they decided to continue their work in this province. With a growing team of volunteers, they hope to give a message of hope that it is possible to get out of the silence, pain, shame, and lies caused by sexual abuse.

ASI Introduction


"If I help one person to have hope, I will not have lived in vain."  Martin Luther King

Collaborators ...

We have the privilege of having the following collaborators, great professionals and best people in our team. Together we share the firm determination to fight for the eradication of the scourge of sexual abuse. Humility, vulnerability, courage, strength, professionalism, willingness to learn, the desire to help and the many, many laughs are elements that characterize this wonderful team:


Verónica Argüelles Gonzalez: social worker, specialist in Family Intervention.


Amelia: She belongs to the EL Mundo de los ASI association and collaborates with us as a friend by sharing the same goals. She is also administrator of FOROGAM and is the author of the blog Nemesis En El Averno.


Paula Marín, trauma psychologist, with extensive experience in helping survivors of child sexual abuse


For professionals in the social and educational sector:
Informing, raising awareness through workshops about the problems and consequences of Sexual Abuse in Childhood.
Guidance through workshops on how to prevent, detect and intervene in case of childhood sexual abuse.

For society in general:
Sensitize and raise awareness about the reality of abuse and its consequences through workshops and group dynamics.
To prevent sexual abuse among children and adolescents through workshops and group dynamics.

For adult survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse:
Improve psycho-emotional health and social integration through active participation in a Mutual Support Group.
Encourage personal growth through artistic expression.