Turn a Deaf Ear

I love the following story. You may have read it already, but I encourage you to think about the final reflection I make.


"A group of frogs was walking through the forest, when, unexpectedly, two of them fell into a deep pit. Frogs that were saved from the fall gathered around the hole and, seeing how deep it was, shouted at the fallen frogs They had no choice but to give up.

Still, the two frogs kept trying to get out of the hole with all their might. The others kept telling them that those efforts would be useless.


Finally, one of the frogs paid attention to what the others said, surrendered and dejectedly waited for his death to be resigned. The other, however, continued to jump with as much effort as possible. The crowd kept screaming at him that it was useless but the frog continued, with increasing force, until, to the great surprise of all, in a great jump, he managed to get out of the hole.


Once outside, the others asked him: "Didn't you listen to what we were telling you?" The frog told them that he was deaf, and thanked them with enthusiasm for the great encouragement he believed he had been given from all the frogs at the edge, to put all his effort into jumping out from the hole. "


The reflection that is usually done with this story, is that we should not let the voices of discouragement around us affect us,  but continue fighting for our dreams, for what we believe in.

That's very good. But today I want to give it another approach, another twist. Perhaps in your life you have had people who have been a moral or spiritual reference, who have inspired you to move forward in life, to pursue good things, to overcome a pothole or to achieve your dreams. Perhaps some of those people, over time, have disappointed you and have turned out not to be what you expected.


That has deteriorated the faith you had, it has damaged your desire to believe, it has made you a little cynical and apathetic. You have lost the spark and hope you used to have, confidence has cooled and you have hardened a bit.


Turn a deaf ear. That is my advice.


I know the frog that, believing that they encouraged her, left the hole. In the end it was the frog's own faith that saved him. It was not the words of the other frogs.


Become deaf. That is my advice.


Probably the words of the people who were your reference were good, inspiring, powerful. But to discover the imperfection in those people who inspired you, now make those same words sound empty, hollow, withered.


Become deaf. That is my advice.


I know it hurts when people let you down. I know the anger of discovering the double side, the falsehood, the hidden intentions, the lie. I know you want to trust no one again.


Become deaf. That is my advice.


May those words of encouragement that echoed in your head be your property and no one steals them from you, not even the ones who gave them to you. The one who hit the jump and left the hole was you. It was your faith that saved you. Do not lose that faith. Forgive and release those who hurt you. Don't give the main role in your movie to a thief.


Become deaf and ... Jump!


Joel De Bruine