"Poor thing, if she knew her destiny, if someone told her, if she knew the color of the wings that she would have with which to sail the wind, then those days of tedium would become days of flourishing and pregnant hope. The mysterious moment of Chrysalis would come, when the caterpillar surrounds itself with a pupa and during a time of apparent inactivity, it undergoes a fabulous transformation"

About US

«If I help one person to have hope, I will not have lived in vain»

In 2020 we officially created a non-profit entity as a resource space against sexual abuse called CRISÁLIDA, in Asturias, province of Spain.

Mutual Help Groups

Crisálida’s “Mutual Help Groups” (GAM) are made up of people who share a background of sexual abuse.

The purpose is that each participant can mature, grow in freedom, learn to function better in society, unmasking the lies about himself and reality sown by abuse.

Our desire is to see the lives of those who have long been hiding their pain, sadness and tragedy flourish. It is time to live in freedom and defeat paralyzing shame.


Your contributions to Crisálida allow an improvement in the quality of life of many survivors of sexual abuse, with the consequent social transformation in their environment. 

We will be able to dedicate more time, energy and resources to combat this scourge that is sexual abuse.

You can choose to collaborate with a single contribution or become a member with a monthly contribution.

We will be able to grow in supporting survivors through mutual support groups, informing and raising awareness in society through social networks and seminars, promoting prevention in educational centres, etc.

Thank you very much for your collaboration